• Consulting on: the possibilities for, the modes of, and the economic result from using waste heat recovery (flue gas condensers, economizers and recuperators). Elaboration of environmental projects and emissions trading;
  • Technical and technological modelling and design of indirect flue gas condensers, economizers and flue gas heat recovery exchangers using finned tubes – for flue gases /with temperatures above 100oC/ from natural gas fired thermal and/or power plants;
  • Custom design, manufacturing and supply of flue gas condensers, economizers, gas-gas and gas-liquid recuperators;
  • Energy audits, feasibility studies, project designs and consulting on optimization, modernization, and energy efficiency improvements in energy (heat and/or power) production plants;
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies and project designs for thermal plants, heat supply/distribution systems, CHP (combined heat and power) installations, electric power systems, automated control and monitoring systems, and others.

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